March 31, 2012

Level Up On Snoopy's Street Fair Without Spending Any Money

Snoopy's Street Fair
I have recently caught on to the Snoopy's Street Fair by Beeline. I have found it pretty engaging compared to Smurfs, but then again I have only played Smurfs as an on-again-off-again type of game and I tend to leave most of the playing to someone else.

It's been 21 days straight and I am still on Snoopy's Street Fair, currently on Level 23, as I write this.

I have been hunting for tips and tricks that would help my Snoopy's Street Fair to level up fast without spending any real money. This means I would have to earn all the coins and earn my own Snoopy dollars without forking out actual cash via my credit card or iTunes gift cards.

Of course it's going to take a lot of determination, some patience and will power as the game is designed to make it difficult for the player to obtain Snoopy money/dollars. It will try your patience as some of the tasks that you need to do will require about 10 Snoopy dollars but the player only gets 2 Snoopy dollars per level and depending how the player has laid out their street fair, it will depend how fast the player's game will level up.

 Needless to say there wasn't much information out there, because it involved either having a jail broken iDevice (iPad, iPhone) for most of the tactics to work, tampering with your iDevice clock (as some have done and said that this method might backfire and create more complications for you in the long run) or simply just splash the cash to get it over and done with.

Therefore, the tips you are about to read is not going to be for everyone. It would need someone to be a bit methodical, focused and always be mindful and hungry for the accumulation of XP and coins without spending any real-life money. If you're planning to have fun and enjoy the game and using your money or coins to decorate and make the fair look pretty, this is probably not for you. Although I do enjoy seeing random  fairs via Facebook, in between waiting intervals, and you know that they have gone to great lengths to make it as creative as possible. Kudos to them and continue the good work!

However, if you are the player who is interested in gaining XP and coins, the plan here is to diversify and must be willing to sacrifice aesthetics for results, read on to see my 2 cents:

1.  TIME: probably about 30mins intervals, twice a day. Of course putting in more time and efficiency will incur better results, in this case, more XP and more Snoopy dollars.

2. MANNED STALLS : Most of the manned stalls, the player is going to have to spend some Snoopy money for them, I think to date there is only about 7 characters that you can obtain via coins alone. Currently I have 6 of them and the last one so far can only be obtained at Level 26. Always upgrade them, if possible.

3. TONS OF FOOD CARTS AND GUESS THE WEIGHT MACHINES (short term strategy - 45 secs - 5 mins)
Never underestimate the power of quantity and the motto of "more is better". The food carts and Guess The Weight machines are one of the cheapest stalls to start you off with. They occupy the smallest amount of real estate and offer incredible value because they drop a lot of goodies like extra XP, coins and Snoopy items which can mount up to over 9000 XP for a single Snoopy costume set at the level I'm currently at. The amount will rise with each passing level. As I write this, I currently have about 50 food carts (45 secs ) and 60 Guess the weight machines (2mins). The raffle machines and are not too bad too but they do take about 4 times the space compared to the food cart and Guess The Weight machine. I only have about 6 of them.

(semi-long term strategy - above 5 mins, under 12 hours)
All of the above are currently in my fair. The Duck Fishing and Slots Of Fun are good but it does take 4 times the space of 1 food cart. Pancakes have additional XP as it drops pancakes for Snoopy to pick up.

(long term strategy - 12 hours or more)
This is one of the most overlooked potentials for gaining extra XP. The few items that can give you XP without costing you any Snoopy dollars, just coins, is the Checkerboard Table, Vegetable Patch and Wishing Well. I have about 25-30 of each item occupying the green green areas and every 12 hours, over 120,000 XP is collected. The vegetable patch is going to set you back 220,000 coins for each one. That's why having tons of food carts and Guess The Weight machines is going to help.

Clicking on the reappearing leaves stack, canvas or marshmallows gets you extra XP that increases with each passing level. With each different Snoopy costume it's going to cost you at least 10 Snoopy dollars except for the leaves stack which is free but it does give you the least XP.

EXTRA TIP: Laying out the stalls would also be a matter of preference but I always find it easier to section your areas and arrange your stalls based on their waiting times so it'll be faster to collect your XP and coins.

So far, that's about all of what I am doing. Hope that helps someone out there who is up for the challenge of not spending any real-life money, just the Snoopy dollars and coins that you've completely earned from the game.

Feel free to comment, offer extra tips and share new ones. Maybe you've used your earned Snoopy dollars and coins differently and we would love to hear from you and know more:).

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