August 15, 2011

Just starting my first post about my interest

Here's a spot for a chance for people who enjoy cute, soft, fluffy toys. I got into it from my few years of exposure to garage sales, yard sales, collectable fairs etc. I found out that I could get back in touch with some of my childhood favourites like Care Bears, Garfield, Hello Kitty, Snoopy, Eeyore, My Little Pony, Cookie Monster and lots more. These toys were really expensive for my family and we couldn't afford them all the time. Therefore, I would go to the toy section of these toys and just stare and dream and pretend that I owned them all in my room!

I enjoy looking for little gems of a soft toy that are not made anymore, kind of like mid-80's and early 90's or even those older than that would be just a treat!

So stay tuned as I would continually add more what I've found and share it with you here. I think I would be putting some of them up for sale too.:) once I figure out how to sell stuff here since this is my first time at blogging.

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